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Associate Technician – Building Services

Job Reference:ME026  
Location:Pune, IndiaSalary:Rs 100,000 + benefits.

Associate Technicians will typically take responsibility for management of people, continual improvement in techniques and software, commercial issues and an interface with the wider project team. An Associate Technician must be able to demonstrate a good standard of capabilities across core engineering competencies.

Your Key Responsibilities

· Promote technician development through applicable training schemes.
· Undertake interview and recruitment of Technicians.
· Prepare, review, update and contribute to technical documents and standards in collaboration with other regional Associate Technician initiatives.
· Undertake project technical and quality reviews and attend design workshops for projects relevant to experience across the practice.
· Support discipline leader(s) in the review of technician performance and product quality as part of regular personal development reviews.
· Contribute to company initiatives with respect to technical and process development and communicate requirements to central CAD or IT support to ensure up to date software and hardware is available.

You will also be requirement to attend and contribute where appropriate to Electrical and Mechanical Steering committees to give guidance and direction to standards, updates to specifications, calculation packages etc.

The successful candidate will be expected to maintain a level of “hands-on” involvement but this is seen initially as a secondary role to support teams to achieve key deliverable deadlines and maintain a working knowledge of systems.

To qualify you must have a relevant Higher National Certificate/Diploma or equivalent qualification.

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