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Construction Safety Advisor - Rail

Job Reference:RA006
Location:Mumbai, India
Salary:GBP 67 - 70,000 + expat benefits.

Principal Rail Design Engineer

Job Reference:RA003
Salary:GBP 65,000 + expat benefits

Project Engineer (Track)

Job Reference:RA012
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Salary:Negotiable + expat benefits.

Rail Institutional Reform Expert

Job Reference:RA008
Salary:EUR 10,000 per month + expat benefits.

Rail Safety Engineer

Job Reference:RA002
Location:Sydney, Australia
Salary:GBP 35,000 per annum

Rail Signaling Team Leader

Job Reference:RA010
Salary:Negotiable + expat benefits.

Rail Team Leader Propulsion Expert

Job Reference:RA011
Location:Delhi, India
Salary:Negotiable + expat benefits.

Resident Engineer (Rail)

Job Reference:RA014
Location:Central Europe
Salary:Negotiable plus expat benefits

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